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Argos Warehouse Conveyor Control System upgrade

Case Study: Argos Conveyor Control System update

Market Sectors: Distribution & FMCG

Project Description: MCS Control Systems, working for Vanderlande Industries, were responsible for the electrical design, installation, software and commissioning of the conveyor and sorter system at the Argos distribution centre at Barton-under- Needwood. The conveyor system comprised over 1100 motors and used various starters including DOL, variable speed drives and soft starters. The project also involved the integration into the conveyor system of third party equipment.

Approach: The conveyors were divided into eight separate areas, these being FSC and PLCs one to seven. The FSC (Flow System Controller) monitored all stock going into the warehouse. The FSC comprised of a main PC panel linked to the warehouse stock control system and a main control panel linked to FSC PC panel. The FSC system used local I/O enclosures for the connection of the conveyor devices these being linked together using an Interbus network. The PLC panels all used Siemens S7-400 PLCs with a Profibus to ASi (actuator sensor interface) gateways. The PLC panels also included an HMI. ASi was used for the connection of conveyor devices and motor control as this would simplify the amount of cabling required. The emergency stop system was also connected to the ASi network using ASi safe monitors also greatly reducing the site cabling required. Third party equipment was integrated into the system via either the profibus or ASi network.

Original Project Scope:
- 7 Form 2 PLC Control panels
- 50 off Local Link 20 Panels with ASi Safe
- approximately 1000 Local motor starter panels (ASi Bus)
Electrical Installation:
- 50 of ASi bus network
- 10 Profibus network; all power and control cabling
- 7 off S7-400 PLC with local HMIs
- 2 Form 2 Control panels
- 2 off Local Link 20 Panels with ASi Safe
Electrical Installation:
- 3 of ASi Bus network
- 1 Profibus network
- all power and control cabling
- Goods Inward EMI System: 1 off WinCC SCADA station



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Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

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