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Balfour Beatty - Case Study

Case Study: GE Fanuc PLC & SCADA Upgrade Location: Finlas WTW, Dumbartonshire

Project Description: MCS Control Systems were contracted by Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Ltd to upgrade Finlas Water Treatment Plant – 2 off GE Fanuc 90/30. PLCs changed from the CPU350 to CPU374 Plus and GE Fanuc Redundant SCADA Servers Cimplicity 4.0 to Cimplicity 8.0 R2 with 2 associated GE Fanuc Panel PC HMI clients. These PLCs and SCADA/HMIs control the key-steps of water treatment process. Additionally, the scope of work included building panels and configuring new fibre optic Ethernet ring based on Hirschmann managed switches.

Approach: On the initial site survey, the existing GE Fanuc PLC’s code and SCADA application were uploaded and the system functionality was verified and recorded. The PLC software was then converted to Proficy Machine Edition 6.0 from Cimplicity Control 2.0 and the SCADA Redundant Servers software from Cimplicity 4.0 to Cimplicity 8.0 R2. Because of the huge version jump between existing and the latest software we focused very carefully on each detail of this transplant. The next step was to test converted software by simulating plant process in Wonderware InTouch 10.0 SCADA package against an agreed set of testing requirements. This allowed us to detect conversion defects and minimise plant downtime during commissioning. On commissioning, our first step on site was to prove the new SCADA Cimplicity 8.0 R2 Redundant Servers. Then the first PLC along with HMI were upgraded and tested for full plant functionality. Everything was as previously tested, so we approached to upgrade the second PLC and HMI, after which we tested the plant’s functionality again.

Results: Working closely with the End User, the new GE Fanuc systems were installed in two separate 6hr periods and were independently commissioned over a two week period with a minimum downtime to water treatment process.



Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Andy and myself were extremely impressed with the CFAT as a whole, and particularly with the software Mark had produced. He has implemented some excellent screens which are over and above what had been requested, and will prove very helpful for...

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