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Energy Monitoring

MCS will provide an Energy Saving Site Survey. This involves a tour around your plant with your site electrical engineer, which will outline areas of potential energy saving through the use of Variable Speed Drives. This may also include applications where the use of High Efficiency (EFF1) motors, Softstarts or Energy Optomisers may also be cost-effective. There may also be applications where simple control modifications can be made to provide low cost energy savings. During the site survey we will concentrate on your major consumers of electrical energy. After completion of the site survey we will provide a comprehensive report which includes the applications with the greatest potential for energy saving along with a proposed Variable Speed Drive control philosophy, an estimated price for the installation and the potential energy savings that will be realised.

Energy Monitoring & Power Supply Quality

MCS can monitor the energy actually being consumed with our mains analyser, which will produce results in an easy to understand graphical format from which a report is produced. This will enable us to provide a more accurate payback time.

MCS can also provide monitoring of the Harmonic Distortion of a site’s supply voltage to determine if an installation complies with the Electricity Authority Harmonic Recommendation G5/4. Recommendations, proposals and installation can then be given for methods of harmonic reduction if necessary.

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I would like to say how well MCS have performed at Cropwell Bishop, following a sucessful FAT test we have completed the SAT sign off on site in 15 days which included 3 days E2E testing over Modbus. Having a fully operational ASP circulating flows...

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