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Coventry and Solihull Energy from Waste Plant Case Study

Case Study: Upgrade three off 90KW Inverter Drive Panels
Control Panel Replacement - Coventry and Solihull energy from waste plant
(Inverter Drive upgrade)

Market Sectors: Energy from Waste

Project Description: The Plant operates on a 24 hour, 7 days a week continuous basis for 52 weeks of the year. In a normal year it will process in excess of 220,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste which is incinerated in three furnaces. Steam is raised from each incinerator and used to generate electricity from two turbine generators to supply heat to a local factory.

This contract was for the replacement of 3 off 90kw variable speed drive panels, the drives being of ABB manufacture. The existing drive panels where removed and the new drive panels where relocated and sited in a new MCC room. New IP60 enclosures and all associated power and control cabling was supplied, installed and commissioned by MCS .
MCS was free to offer any standard product that we recommended so long as the equipment offered met the detail within this specification and any others pertaining to it.

Approach: The contract was for a turnkey project that included all aspects of surveying, removal of existing drives, installation of new drive panels and commissioning. Every aspect of the project had to ensure the plant remained operational.
The key requirements of the new inverter drive panels are:
1. Standard product
2. Reliability, trip & fault free
3. Service support availability if required
4. Performance
5. Efficiency

Harmonics Study: MCS was required to undertake full harmonic studies on the existing drive panels prior to removal and to ensure the new drives met the current harmonic legislation after installation. The studies where required to evaluate the performance of the new drives against the previous installed units.

It was an improvement to the performance and efficiency of the new inverter drive units that the client required. The directive was that the new installed drives must achieve harmonic levels lower than the existing drives.

Reliability: The Inverter drives are connected to fans associated to the incineration process of household waste. It was important that the drive panels once installed are fault free offering the highest reliability. Any failure within any of the drive panels could cause a fire hazard within the plant.

Spinning loads: The drive had to be set up to catch/stop a spinning load .A controlled stop was incorporated to ensure that the customer could initiate the drive to start again overcoming the need for any drive selected under a Stop condition to come to a standstill before requesting a drive re-start.

Service Support: In the event of a fault or breakdown condition within the first two months, the client required an immediate response from MCS. The contract also required that the Inverter drive panels and associated ancillary equipment was offered with a spares’ availability for 10 years.




I would like to say how well MCS have performed at Cropwell Bishop, following a sucessful FAT test we have completed the SAT sign off on site in 15 days which included 3 days E2E testing over Modbus. Having a fully operational ASP circulating flows...

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