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Federal Mogul - Case Study

Case Study: Valve Guide
Rotary Machines
(Mitsubishi PLC Upgrade)

Project Description: Federal Mogul, a leading manufacturer of engine components selected MCS Control Systems to replace 13 obsolete Mitsubishi PLC’s in their precision valve guide facility with minimum downtime and disruption.

Approach: It was assumed many of the machines had the same program. Software for all machines was examined and verified. Due to the configuration and available stoppage times, a phased approach was not possible, i.e. CPU transplant followed by an I/O transplant. For this project the “big bang” approach was adopted where the entire PLC complete with I/O and wiring was replaced in a single shutdown. Following the successful transplant of the first PLC, the second, third, and so on were done by adopting the same “big bang” strategy. At all stages the customer was kept informed to ease his concerns. MCS always had a back up plan in case any thing went wrong and to minimize risk. MCS provided standby cover in the event of any issues but this was not required as the system ran sweetly as before the transplant. In some cases the change over was so quick and smooth the operators did not realize that the machines had been upgraded.

Results: All 13 PLCs were successfully transplanted over a period of 6 months with minimum down time and loss of production.

Approach: On the initial site survey, the existing S5 PLC code was uploaded and the system functionality was verified and recorded. The software was then converted to S7 and internally tested using simulation software against an agreed set of testing requirements. The Bumper Spraying Line is critical to the plant operation and this transplant had to be approached with each phase planned in detail along with contingency plans in place to minimise any downtime. During commissioning, our first step on site was prove the Robot Interface. Rigorous functionality tests were carried out on “Ghost” jobs to validate the robustness of the PLC software prior to launching into production.

Results: Working closely with the End User the new S7 PLC systems were installed and commissioned over a 5 hour period with no down time and disruption to production.



Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Andy and myself were extremely impressed with the CFAT as a whole, and particularly with the software Mark had produced. He has implemented some excellent screens which are over and above what had been requested, and will prove very helpful for...

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