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Margate, Weatherlees & Broadstairs - Case Study

Case Study: Black & Veatch – Costain – JV

Project Description:  MCS was awarded the £1.85 million contract for the complete electrical control package, encompassing MCC & ICA design, manufacture, PLC software, SCADA and commissioning. Working closely with our client Black & Veatch / Costain (JV), MCS successfully delivered and commissioned the following electrical packages:


  • MCC complete with integral ICA measuring 29.9 metres in total
  • Top Entry 3200A Busduct
  • 3x 3200A incomers mains/generator complete with 3200A Bus coupler
  • 4x 315kW Transfer pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 5x 300kW Storm pumps – ABB PST Soft Starters
  • 2x 90kW Screw Lift pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 2x 85kW Storm Return pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 3x 18.5kW Washwater pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 25x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 6x 11-15kW Star Delta Starters
  • 8x 32A feeder, 14x 63A feeder
  • Power factor correction, UPS, tripping battery
  • ICA Section – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 1500 I/O


  • 4x MCC’s complete with integral ICA measuring 44.82 metres in total and 1x 1250A Low Voltage distribution board
  • 8x Incomers totalling 14,800A . 5x Mains, 3x Generator
  • 4x 315kW Transfer pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 27x 0.25/55kW Pumps ABB VSD’s – RAS, Centrifuge, Sludge Cake, Return liquor, Drum Thickener and Floculators pumps
  • 4x 240kW Activated Sludge Blower Feeder’s
  • 1x 450A Active Harmonic Filter
  • 8x Distribution Boards Totalling 132 ways
  • 21x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 10x 11-15kW Star Delta Starters
  • 10x 32A feeder
  • 52x 63A feeder
  • 7x 100/1250A feeder
  • Power factor correction, UPS, tripping battery
  • 4x ICA Section’s – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 2400 I/O


  • shape MCC complete with integral ICA measuring 15 metres in total.
    1250A Mains incomer Section
  • 2x 180kW LS Outfall pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 2x90kW Storm pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 3x 70kW Transfer pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 2x 22kW Inlet Lift pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 8x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 2x 32A feeder, 11x 63A feeder
  • Tripping battery
  • ICA Section – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 400 I/O

Site Wide SCADA:

  • 1x Intouch Server and work station located at Weatherlees control room
  • Local HMI Intouch PC workstations are installed on all panels
  • Dual redundant Ethernet Fibre Optic ring connecting all sites across a distance of approximately 23km.
  • The ability to view all sites from any site
  • The ability to control all sites from any site
  • Alarm Logging and reports

SCADA Layout


Margate, Broadstairs & Weatherlees ICA Sections:

  • Mitsubishi Q06H / Q12H series PLC CPUs
  • Copper Ethernet link from each PLC to managed PLC fibre optic Ethernet ring spanning all three sites
  • Copper Ethernet link from each Weatherlees HMI to managed HMI fibre optic ring at Weatherlees
  • Copper Ethernet links from PLC fibre optic ring to UV, Blowers and Odour Control package plants at Weatherlees
  • Copper Ethernet link to Ferric Dosing package plant at Margate
  • Duty / standby Profibus DP networks to intelligent starters
  • Profibus DP / PA networks to field instrumentation and valves / penstocks
  • Duty / standby Modbus networks to Flygt MAS 711 pump controllers at Margate and Broadstairs
  • RS232 serial comms. to telemetry outstations at each site
  • Advantech PPC-174T panel PC for HMI / SCADA
  • SCADA – Wonderware InTouch 60K tag Runtime software without I/O
  • Dedicated E.A. display (Mitsubishi E1101) at Margate
  • IS equipment for zoned areas
  • UPS backed supplies for the main MCC PLC / SCADA at each site
  • Hardwired backup circuits to run critical plant on PLC failure
  • Hardwired telemetry for critical alarms
  • Installed I/O approaching 4200

Black & Veatch:

Black & Veatch’s Project manager, said “Black & Veatch and its JV Partner Costain are pleased to have worked with MCS in completing this important scheme which, already brings significant environmental benefit to the Thanet coast.




I would like to say how well MCS have performed at Cropwell Bishop, following a sucessful FAT test we have completed the SAT sign off on site in 15 days which included 3 days E2E testing over Modbus. Having a fully operational ASP circulating flows...

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