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Margate, Weatherlees & Broadstairs - Case Study

Case Study: Black & Veatch – Costain – JV

Project Description:  MCS was awarded the £1.85 million contract for the complete electrical control package, encompassing MCC & ICA design, manufacture, PLC software, SCADA and commissioning. Working closely with our client Black & Veatch / Costain (JV), MCS successfully delivered and commissioned the following electrical packages:


  • MCC complete with integral ICA measuring 29.9 metres in total
  • Top Entry 3200A Busduct
  • 3x 3200A incomers mains/generator complete with 3200A Bus coupler
  • 4x 315kW Transfer pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 5x 300kW Storm pumps – ABB PST Soft Starters
  • 2x 90kW Screw Lift pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 2x 85kW Storm Return pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 3x 18.5kW Washwater pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 25x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 6x 11-15kW Star Delta Starters
  • 8x 32A feeder, 14x 63A feeder
  • Power factor correction, UPS, tripping battery
  • ICA Section – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 1500 I/O


  • 4x MCC’s complete with integral ICA measuring 44.82 metres in total and 1x 1250A Low Voltage distribution board
  • 8x Incomers totalling 14,800A . 5x Mains, 3x Generator
  • 4x 315kW Transfer pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 27x 0.25/55kW Pumps ABB VSD’s – RAS, Centrifuge, Sludge Cake, Return liquor, Drum Thickener and Floculators pumps
  • 4x 240kW Activated Sludge Blower Feeder’s
  • 1x 450A Active Harmonic Filter
  • 8x Distribution Boards Totalling 132 ways
  • 21x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 10x 11-15kW Star Delta Starters
  • 10x 32A feeder
  • 52x 63A feeder
  • 7x 100/1250A feeder
  • Power factor correction, UPS, tripping battery
  • 4x ICA Section’s – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 2400 I/O


  • shape MCC complete with integral ICA measuring 15 metres in total.
    1250A Mains incomer Section
  • 2x 180kW LS Outfall pumps – ABB Regenerative Drive
  • 2x90kW Storm pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 3x 70kW Transfer pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 2x 22kW Inlet Lift pumps – ABB VSD’s
  • 8x 0.7/5kW DOL Starters
  • 2x 32A feeder, 11x 63A feeder
  • Tripping battery
  • ICA Section – Mitsubishi PLC approaching 400 I/O

Site Wide SCADA:

  • 1x Intouch Server and work station located at Weatherlees control room
  • Local HMI Intouch PC workstations are installed on all panels
  • Dual redundant Ethernet Fibre Optic ring connecting all sites across a distance of approximately 23km.
  • The ability to view all sites from any site
  • The ability to control all sites from any site
  • Alarm Logging and reports

SCADA Layout


Margate, Broadstairs & Weatherlees ICA Sections:

  • Mitsubishi Q06H / Q12H series PLC CPUs
  • Copper Ethernet link from each PLC to managed PLC fibre optic Ethernet ring spanning all three sites
  • Copper Ethernet link from each Weatherlees HMI to managed HMI fibre optic ring at Weatherlees
  • Copper Ethernet links from PLC fibre optic ring to UV, Blowers and Odour Control package plants at Weatherlees
  • Copper Ethernet link to Ferric Dosing package plant at Margate
  • Duty / standby Profibus DP networks to intelligent starters
  • Profibus DP / PA networks to field instrumentation and valves / penstocks
  • Duty / standby Modbus networks to Flygt MAS 711 pump controllers at Margate and Broadstairs
  • RS232 serial comms. to telemetry outstations at each site
  • Advantech PPC-174T panel PC for HMI / SCADA
  • SCADA – Wonderware InTouch 60K tag Runtime software without I/O
  • Dedicated E.A. display (Mitsubishi E1101) at Margate
  • IS equipment for zoned areas
  • UPS backed supplies for the main MCC PLC / SCADA at each site
  • Hardwired backup circuits to run critical plant on PLC failure
  • Hardwired telemetry for critical alarms
  • Installed I/O approaching 4200

Black & Veatch:

Black & Veatch’s Project manager, said “Black & Veatch and its JV Partner Costain are pleased to have worked with MCS in completing this important scheme which, already brings significant environmental benefit to the Thanet coast.



Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

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