Jubail CSat sign off

Jubail’s  cSAT documents were signed off yesterday upon a successful completion of the plant control site tests.

Thank you for all your support to get this critical milestone over the line. Really appreciated.

It was a long journey to get to this point but we did and that is what matter. We couldn’t have done it without your support, your dedication, professionalism and a great team work.

We used an untested model to commission the plant remotely without a software commissioning engineer on site, in the most difficult environment to get access to site for people and indeed for tools and basic equipment like camera, mobile phone or computer.

Hope this can work as template to be used in many more schemes to come in remote places.

Well done to all involved.

Best regards                                                                        

Riccardo Caprino



Ice Cream Making Machine rectification work

Ice Cream Making Machine

Ice Cream Making Machine

Ice Cream Making Machine rectification work


MCS were asked to do some rectification work for Fincher Ltd. on a Tetra Pak Ice Cream making machine. The machine had been brought back from Italy with the electrical/ control systems modified  to incorporate it into the customer’s process. Fincher needed the machine urgently returned to its original condition for resale onto another customer in Belgium. MCS returned the machine wiring back to it’s original condition as supplied by the OEM, tested it, and rectified faults with the help of Fincher within 3 working days(including a Saturday). Special thanks to Dave, Warren and Kev. for a quick machine turn around.

MCS started the work late on Friday, and returned it to Fincher Tuesday afternoon, and it was driven to the Belgian customer on Wednesday.