MCS Control Systems announce another new delivery

MCS Control Systems are pleased to announce another new delivery, its our latest baby, a complex Oil and Gas Control Panel and Control System delivered as a customised solution for Hydrate inhibition with Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG). This is a well-established means of preventing the formation of hydrates in hydrocarbon production pipelines for one of our Oil and Gas clients.

This comprised of a completely integrated control panel and process control system based upon Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s operating in a high availability dual redundant configuration. Software for this process intensive application included configuration in accordance with BSEN61508 and providing a SIL category to level 2.

This solution has a SCADA platform based upon Rockwell’s FTView SE and comprises of approximately 10,500 tags of information. All of the events are time stamped allowing the client to be able to accurately diagnose a fail analysis based upon this time stamped information which is globally synchronised from a central clock. This accuracy of time stamping as well as detailed fault analyses allows for rapid root cause analysis of the failure.

It is a unique feature of this system with over 1,000 D code events generated within the PLC. This is not something that is normally carried out within the PLC and is usually a SCADA based function. However, with extensive client testing within our factory based in Coventry we were able to extensively prove the operation of this failure detection system.

In addition the final section included a full desalination and centrifuge control process. All of these processes were produced within the PLC yet MCS had configured the solution to Match a Yokagawa DCS format. This customised approach shows clearly that when it comes to a complicated delivery all of our software surgeons are more than up to the task.