About Us

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MCS Control Systems Ltd was established in 1975 to provide quality system integration service solutions into a wide range of industrial market sectors.  Following rapid growth and establishing a firm reputation for manufacturing quality MCC and PLC solutions, including SCADA, MES and PLC software, the management soon identified that clients were requiring total turnkey solutions, from sensor to system.  This was achieved by the introduction of additional skill sets in the form of new people all working within MCS Control Systems Ltd to provide the excellence of service our clients required.

MCS Control Systems Ltd enhanced its logistics services with the addition of an experienced software team, providing expertise in the design and implementation of HMI, SCADA, CIM, MES and specific integration at the top-end of control systems and materials handling, meeting the need for information connectivity between IT and production.

The electrical installation division provides for a specialised cabling design and installation service, using some of the most advanced software design and management tools available, for safe, secure certification.

This combination of expertise means that MCS Control Systems Ltd. is now fully equipped to offer full turnkey systems capabilities, incorporating Principal Contractor status, for virtually any process control system solution, whilst the individual divisions are able to offer personal, specialist solutions to meet client specific project needs.

Where it all began

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