Jubail CSat Sign off


Jubail’s cSAT documents were signed off yesterday upon a successful completion of the plant control site tests.

Thank you for all your support to get this critical milestone over the line. Really appreciated.

It was a long journey to get to this point but we did and that is what matter. We couldn’t have done it without your support, your dedication, professionalism and a great team work.

We used an untested model to commission the plant remotely without a software commissioning engineer on site, in the most difficult environment to get access to site for people and indeed for tools and basic equipment like camera, mobile phone or computer.

Hope this can work as template to be used in many more schemes to come in remote places.

Well done to all involved.

Best regards

Riccardo Caprino

Riccardo Caprino
27th June 2019

Sincere Thanks

I’d like to pass on my sincere thanks for the excellent work completed by MCS on the above project. The job had the potential to be extremely testing due to the condition of the original panels and the lack of available information. It would be fair to say that this was the highest risk upgrade project that I have been involved in to date.

All of your staff involved in this work have been a credit to MCS but Russell deserves a special mention for the effort and expertise he put into the job to ensure that the project was a success and that the equipment was available for production ahead of schedule.

John McGuire, Process Engineer
KP Snacks, Teeside
26th January 2019

Challenging Timescales

I would like to pass on my gratitude to MCS for the work completed on the above project. The task of upgrading the machinery to the required standard, within the tight timescale we had set out was always going to be challenging, but all at MCS involved approached and completed the project with upmost professionalism. The project threw up a number of unique problems that were quickly overcome and all work was completed according to the criteria set out by the scope of works.

Every member of staff involved in this project are deserving of thanks however I would like to pass on my special thanks to Russell, Barry and Mateusz who spent a lot of time on site ensuring that the project was a success.

Ben Newton, Electrical Team Leader
Huhtamaki, Gosport Plant
26th January 2019

Yodel PLC Update

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to the whole team at MCS who completed the project. The time scale given to MCS for the design and build of the PLC was extremely small and coupled with the set installation period made this project what we thought very challenging. But right from day one when they took on the project it was handled with complete professionalism. With good communication throughout the whole process, through to the successful completion of the project on time

Andy Rowe
Yodel, Lichfield
23rd January 2019


I would like to say how well MCS have performed at Cropwell Bishop, following a successful FAT test we have completed the SAT sign off on site in 15 days which included 3 days E2E testing over Modbus. Having a fully operational ASP circulating flows in readiness for the SAS tanker deliveries to seed the ASP on the 24th October including interface testing to the Huber SAS thickening plant which will be commissioned in early November.

Credit where credit is due…

Paul Taylor
NMC Nomenca
30th October 2018

Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Andy and myself were extremely impressed with the CFAT as a whole, and particularly with the software Mark had produced. He has implemented some excellent screens which are over and above what had been requested, and will prove very helpful for Severn Trent operations. A brief description of the screens are detailed below, though i am sure Mark will be able to give you a much better overview!

There a various sequences within the overall process i.e. Stage 1,2…..nth, and the current sequence can be seen on the overview screen. To help STW understand these various stages Mark created a separate screen (see attached photo) which gives an excellent description of each stage. In addition to this, Mark has also created the function which allows the operators to skip stages, irrelevant of the current sequence position (see attached). This means that ops can easily skip to the ‘filling stage’ or ‘Decanting Stage’ etc

Dean Bradshaw
Gainsborough, UK — Nomenca
26th May 2016

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