Certified Profibus Design & Installation

MCS Control Systems are accredited by the Profibus Group UK. As a member, we are committed to using our in-house certified Profibus Installers, supervised by trained and in-house certified Profibus Engineers. We keep abreast of the latest innovations & technologies by attending relevant seminars & training courses. Our wealth of knowledge & expertise gives us the leading edge in a fast developing market sector. We have an excellent knowledge of both Decentralized Peripherals (DP) & Process Automation (PA). Our services include:

Full Network Design

We provide fully designed networks and our team is always looking into new avenues to improve feasibility & performance. Our certified Engineers have great expertise in specifying the latest products and the implementation of Repeaters, Optical Link Modules, DP/PA Converters & Active Termination into networks.

Network Installation

At MCS we have a dedicated installation department, which consists of multi-skilled certified Profibus Installers. Their wealth of experience enables us to partake in full Profibus network installations, complying with the rules & regulations, to ensure an efficient and effective network installation.

Fault Finding, Testing, Commissioning & Certification

MCS have invested in the latest diagnostic tools which enable us to identify problems within the network almost immediately. These may include connection & wiring issues and reflection & programming faults. Using ProfiTrace, our Network Analyser, we will provide a commissioned report detailing information on the performance & settings of the entire network.