Logistics & Materials Handling

Logistics & Materials Handling

Our logistics provision was enhanced when an already well established team of material handling and distribution experts joined MCS Control Systems in late 2001 and since then we have been able to supply a turnkey service for the distribution and logistics sector. The combined expertise and experience of the team means they can provide a level of service normally associated with a company many times larger.

Control Software

MCS Control Systems uses the latest control techniques to achieve high speed sortation and distribution whilst reducing installation and implementation costs. Each solution is closely coupled to the level of technology required for that solution.

Industry Control Software

This can range from a highly available clustered server farm, leveraging the scalability of Microsoft© SQL Server 2000 running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server down to a standalone workstation. Among our existing customers are companies in:

  • Airport baggage handling
  • Consumer retail goods handling
  • Footwear distribution warehousing
  • Computer equipment distribution warehousing


The service provided by MCS Control Systems can be scaled precisely to suit your needs. This can range from a complete turnkey hardware and software solution down to a simple modification to an existing enterprise.  After sales service packages can be tailored for cost and effectiveness.

Industry Control Software - Image 2

MCS offers a 24/7 quick response package for those businesses that require it, down to a 9 to 5 weekday package for less demanding applications. Most problems can be diagnosed using Windows Terminal Services via a modem connection within minutes, and a decision is then made whether or not a site visit is necessary. This level of support coupled with an in-house installation service gives you the right supply chain solution for your supplier optimization program. You only need contact one company to fulfill a wide range of disciplines, all bench marked for cost effectiveness and innovation over the open market.

Conveyor Control Systems

MCS Control Systems is involved in the design and control of conveyor systems, elevators, sortation systems and production reporting packages to warehouse and distribution centres throughout Europe. MCS also provides the client with an interface between the low level control systems and its own WMS. This enables real time reporting and traceability of all products from first pick to dispatch.

MCS Control Systems has the expertise to implement control systems at all levels from device control level 0, through to plant PLC systems at level 1, complete factory wide supervisory (SCADA) systems at level 2, to WMS interface and management reports at level 3.

  • OEE
  • Environmental
  • Baggage Handling
  • Traceability Systems
  • Industrial Waste Disposal
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Puwer Machine assessments and upgrades
  • PLC transplants and upgrades
  • PLC Maintenance and Programming training
  • DC to AC Motor upgrades – energy saving

Some of our clients

  • Argos
  • GAP DC
  • RS Components