Sludge Thickening MCC CFAT

Andy and myself were extremely impressed with the CFAT as a whole, and particularly with the software Mark had produced. He has implemented some excellent screens which are over and above what had been requested, and will prove very helpful for Severn Trent operations. A brief description of the screens are detailed below, though i am sure Mark will be able to give you a much better overview!

There a various sequences within the overall process i.e. Stage 1,2…..nth, and the current sequence can be seen on the overview screen. To help STW understand these various stages Mark created a separate screen (see attached photo) which gives an excellent description of each stage. In addition to this, Mark has also created the function which allows the operators to skip stages, irrelevant of the current sequence position (see attached). This means that ops can easily skip to the ‘filling stage’ or ‘Decanting Stage’ etc